#FemaleStrong since 1848

By Otto Cruz Jr.

It all started over a cup of tea.

Picture this: you’re sitting down with your squad on a beautiful Sunday enjoying a cup of your favorite tea. You talk about family, friends, and your daily routines—all while sharing a couple of laughs.  Suddenly, the talks shift focus, as one of the ladies expresses her long-time frustration about women’s place in society.  You know it’s serious when it’s coming from an active, well-known abolitionist who is married to a co-founder of the Republican Party.

It was in a setting like this, over a cup of tea, that five women decide to hold the first Women’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, NY. Talk about the need to #ElevateTheConversation! These women who met that fateful Sunday to share tea and ideas are often credited with starting the first Women’s Rights movement in the United States.  Together, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Coffin Mott, Martha Coffin Wright, Jane Hunt, and Mary Ann M’Clintock would start a movement that would change a nation.

The convention on July 19th and 20th in 1848 was held to discuss the social, civil and religious conditions of the day, as well as the rights of women in society.  It led to the creation of the Declaration of Sentiments, which consisted of 16 Sentiments that started the movement for the rights of women in American society. The document was signed by 68 women and 32 men and was modeled after the United States Declaration of Independence.  One hundred of the approximately 300 attendees signed the Declaration; among them Frederick Douglas, who wrote in the North Star that the document was a “grand movement for attaining the civil, social, political, and religious rights of women.” #UpwardTogether

I only recently re-read and re-learned this history.  Reading up on the two days of the convention was inspiring.  Although this happened 171 years ago, it’s humbling to learn that such change and empowerment can come from simple discussions over tea.  I learned how important it is to share, discuss, and move forward together—men and women, hand-in hand to build a better society.  #FemaleStrong has always been and will always be part of the fabric of America.

History has taught us that women have always been our past, present, and future equals. The world is simply a better place when we all acknowledge that both sexes are humans, equal in their own right, and share this wonderful planet we call home. What better way to move our species forward than to embrace our equal halves, bring to fruition all of our ideas, values, and beliefs.

Come together with us here at Northern Fashion, on this day July 19th, 2019, and remember and rejoice that on 171 years ago, a movement was started that changed our country.

Otto Cruz. Jr. is a co-founder of Northern Fashion LLC.

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