We live in an amazing time to be a woman or a girl. At Northern Fashion, we seek to empower women to take control of the narrative and language used to describe them—in the workplace, at school, and beyond.

— Jenna —

I am used to being the only woman in the room. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called bossy, told I have no sense of humor because I didn’t laugh at a crude joke, or told to calm down when I was explaining something I was passionate about. As a female founder, I searched for coaching materials online to help me deal with this and found that I wasn’t alone.

I came across a list of words that female leaders hated hearing in the workplace, and quickly found that I had been called close to every word on the list myself. I thought it was time to offer an alternative—time for women to take control of the language used to describe us.

— Ludwin —

As a proud father, I am always looking for opportunities to show my daughter how important she is—how much power she has to change the world and make a difference. I have had the opportunity to work alongside talented professionals throughout my career. Across the board, I have witnessed the blatant disregard of many of my female counter part as they bring ideas to the table. I am forced to face a hard truth: the road my little girl faces ahead in her life as she builds her career and dreams will be more difficult than it should be.

In Northern Fashion, Jenna and I have founded a wonderful brand that will help me guide and inspire my daughter to be confident and demand the respect that she, along with other future female professionals, is entitled to.

It’s up to us to move the conversation forward, and what better way to do it than with fashion?

Keep pushing #UpwardTogether,

-Jenna + Ludwin