Our no drop shipping promise means that, while drop shipping may be convenient, we don’t want to sacrifice our product that we deliver to you for the sake of this convenience.

Drop shipping is a quick, convenient way for small businesses to sell product and keep up with demand.  Basically, what it means is when you buy something, the brand you’re buying it from doesn’t actually carry or, in most cases, touch the product.  You place an order with the brand, and the brand then places the order with a third-party manufacturer.  The third party produces, packages, and ships your product. 

This may work for some small businesses, particularly because they don’t have to invest in carrying stock, but it doesn’t work for us for two reasons:

  1. We care about the final product we deliver to you and we want to be actively involved in its production and packaging. 
  2. We’d rather support small businesses and print shops in our community rather than big drop-shipping companies overseas.  Our community has supported us, and we want to do the same.

Too many times we’ve placed orders ourselves, only to get something that looks nothing like the picture, is lacking in quality, and isn’t really packaged very nicely.  We are involved in the production of every single product we sell to you, from start to finish.  We design the product, we work with a local print shop to make the design work on a garment, we hand inspect every product, and we package it ourselves and mail it out to you. This allows us to control what we send to you, every step of the way, and if accidents or mistakes happen, we’ll be able to fix them quickly.

If you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them! You can always reach us via our contact form or at [email protected].  Happy shopping!


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