On this year’s Women’s Equality Day, join us in taking a stand. Together, we can bring awareness and start to change workplace and schoolyard language surrounding women.

Join us! It’s just three easy steps below!

1.) Download one of the “X” images below–whichever is your favorite.

2.) Post the image on Instagram on the morning of August 26, 2019 (follow us on Instagram @northern.fashion and you’ll see it in your feed the morning of to remind you!).

3.) Be sure to write a caption and use our #ElevateTheConversation hashtag.

You’re free to copy and paste ours from here:

On this 46th #WomensEqualityDay, let’s work together as women and men to
#ElevateTheConversation because our everyday words matter. Join the movement. #NorthernFashion 

Imagine how powerful it will be to have people’s feeds filled with the same image on the same day.  Join us in bringing awareness with this campaign!


Snapchat Filter

Look for our Snapchat filters on Women’s Equality Day, August 26th! Spread the word.

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